Solar Battery Storage

Generate, store And Use Your Energy Even More Efficiently, With Solar Battery Storage
LJM Google reviews have 5 stars
David Calladine
David Calladine
Great company, did our solar panels with a quick turn around. All workers were clean, tidy and top solar panel installers! Would highly recommend.
Laxshmi Lynn
Laxshmi Lynn
Very professional company with really friendly and accommodating team 😊 Everyone was so lovely! Also very quick and got the job done a day earlier than expected, which was great! Very important for a clean freak like me - they also tidied up after themselves and kept everything clean and tidy along the way. Would highly recommend LJM - thanks so much guys! 💜
Hannah C
Hannah C
Amazing company. Very professional throughout. Did a great job of solar on my property. Highly recommend. Great team throughout. Nothing was too much trouble. Thanks guys!
Great customer service, kept me informed from the initial consultation to the day of the fit. Would highly recommend!
William Spencer
William Spencer
The LJM team did a stellar job on the solar panel install at my mothers house. She is over the moon with the work! Would definitely recommend.
Zhiyuan Ma
Zhiyuan Ma
10/10 for professionalism from JLM, kept us in the loop through the process and cleaned up after themselves after one of the lads left behind some rope
Melissa Lynn
Melissa Lynn
Quick and easy process and positive experience from beginning to end. Very professional team and they explained everything to us from the beginning. Would definitely recommend!
Darren Sorrell
Darren Sorrell
Couldnt be happier with the service and quality of what Lee and the team provided for us! Superb solar panel installers
Madi Sharma
Madi Sharma
Amazing team of quality craftsmen who clean up after they finish the job! Very professional and friendly team - laughing and loving their work, from Lee who gave me the quote to Matt and Josh who were on the roof and doing the electrics. Felt great to be supporting a family business, but so happy to already be reducing my electricity bills! Thank you LJM - Already referred you to my neighbours!
Carol Turton
Carol Turton
We consulted 3 firms before we chose LJM Solutions for our solar panels and so glad we did. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Everything was explained from beginning to end and at every step of the installation. The system we have works like a dream and so simple to use. We had 10 panels and 2 batteries. It feels so good to be generating our own electricity and we are saving so much money. We also had a new consumer unit, which they fitted with extra spaces for any other electrics we might need. They even kindly put stickers for each room. The guys were polite and best of all they cleaned all mess up at the end of every day. Which was a huge bonus. We are now considering air con and will definitely ask JLM to install. If anyone is considering having solar panels or air con, you will not get any better than these guys. Awesome job thank you so much, we love it. Carol & Jim

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Solar Battery Installation - LJM Solutions - Nottingham

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar batteries are your ticket to uninterrupted, sustainable power. Imagine having a personal energy reservoir that captures surplus solar energy during the day and keeps your home running smoothly when the sun sets or clouds roll in. 

This not only grants you energy independence but also reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet. Beyond the eco-friendly appeal, it’s a smart financial move, shielding you from rising energy costs and often accompanied by regional incentives.

Do I Need Solar Battery Storage?

With LJM Solutions , your solar system thrives even more with the addition of our smart solar battery solutions.

While a battery isn’t essential for your solar setup, it significantly boosts efficiency and allows you to utilise solar energy during night-time hours.

By reducing your reliance on the grid, our solar batteries ensure energy independence and bring you substantial benefits such as saving you £500 per year.

That’s what makes solar batteries truly valuable.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Power Flexibility

Never lose a Kilowatt (Kw). Store and use power however you like while saving up to £500 per year.

Energy Independence

Reduce grid reliance, use all the energy your solar panel installation has generated with a solar battery.

Quality Battery Storage

Thanks to the 10-year warranties on all solar batteries, not a kilowatt (KW) goes to waste.

Solar Battery Assurance

With 10 years warranties on all solar batteries not a Kilowatt (KW) is missed.

Your Solar Battery Storage

Pure Drive Solar Battery Installation - LJM Solutions - Nottingham
Premium +

PureStorage Battery II

PureStorage II is a fully-integrated battery system for residential or light commercial use and coined as ‘Best Battery’ by Solar Guide.  With easy connection to any home or building it fits any project.

With long battery life, flexible battery addition capacity should your energy needs change, it’s a universal battery for all your energy needs.


Battery Capacity
Dimensions (W X H X D) mm
386.40 X 737 X 150.30
10 Years
Battery Cycles

GivEnergy Giv-Bat

The 5.2kWh battery pack stands out as their most versatile option, with the ability to be installed in a broader range of locations. Its compact design allows for flexibility, accommodating both wall-mounted and floor-standing installations.

51.2 V
515H X 223D x 480W (mm)
Total Capacity
UN 38.3, IEC61000
12 Years
GivEnergy Solar Battery Installation Services - LJM Solutions - Nottingham

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar battery storage stores excess energy generated by solar panels during sunny days, providing a reliable power source during periods of low sunlight or power outages.

Our team assesses your energy needs and recommends a system size that aligns with your consumption patterns, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

In many cases, yes. Our experts can evaluate your current solar setup and determine the feasibility of integrating a battery storage system.

Solar battery lifespan varies, but most have warranties ranging from 5 to 15 years. We provide information on expected lifespan and warranty details for the specific products we offer.

Yes, our solar battery systems come with monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track energy production, storage levels, and overall system performance through a user-friendly interface.