Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement

Zero Cost Commercial Solar Panel Installation
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What Is A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPAs represent a cost-free commercial solar panel installation solution. We have collaborated with top-tier funders to provide Power Purchase Agreements to enable your business to enjoy a comprehensive solar panel roof installation without incurring any expenses.

In exchange, you solely pay for the energy generated by the solar panels at a discounted rate of circa 50%. Power Purchase Agreements typically span from 10 to 25 years, securing your energy prices throughout the agreement’s duration for complete stability. So, the greater your energy consumption, the greater your potential savings

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Benefits Of Power Purchase Agreement For Your Business

Road To Installation - It’s A Simple & Fast Process

Step 1
Site Visit and Energy Assessment
Our skilled team will arrange a visit to your premises for a comprehensive and complimentary Energy Assessment, reviewing current expenditure and analysing the premise potential for solar panel installation. Structural surveys, electrical design, and health & safety planning are conducted to guarantee a safe and accurate installation on your premises.
Step 2
The PPA funders customise a tailored Solar PV system for your business, incorporating the most appropriate and dependable equipment in the industry, ensuring you have a precise and efficient installation - after all, its in their interests to give you the best! Once agreed , contracts for the PPA are signed and installation can be scheduled.
Step 3
DNO And Planning Applications

We make all necessary applications to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and Planning authority to ensure all permissions are in place for your Solar PV system

Step 4
Installation by LJM Solutions will commence, and once in place, your business can fully leverage lower-cost, green energy—thereby reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing your sustainability profile. Upon the successful completion of your solar panel installation by LJM Solutions, the PPA funders will manage the system and liaise with your directly.

Choosing Free Solar PPA Over Buying Solar Panels Outright

Power Purchase Agreement

Buying Outright


Choose Free Power Purchase Agreement Commercial Solar Installation

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