Comprehensive Guide to Solar Installation for Homes & Business

Installing solar panels saves homeowners and businesses money on their energy bills

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If you’re considering solar panel installation but don’t know where to start, fear not. In this comprehensive guide to solar installation, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to embark on your solar journey in the United Kingdom.

As the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions, solar power emerges as an opportunity for homeowners and businesses alike. Harnessing the sun’s abundant energy not only reduces electricity bills but also contributes to a cleaner, greener future.

Solar Panel Installation Can Save You Thousands of Pounds

As discussed in our blog Here’s How Solar Panel Installation Can Save You Thousands of Pounds, installing solar panels presents substantial cost savings and financial perks for homeowners. Over time, solar panels can help you save significant amounts on your energy bills. At the same time, they contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Hence, investing in solar panels not only brings immediate savings but also enhances property value and offers long-term financial gains. Various factors, including location, sunlight availability, system size, and financing options, can influence overall savings.

Overall, solar panel installation proves to be a wise investment both financially and environmentally.

LJM Solutions works with finance partners to make your solar panel installation a seamless investment.

Understanding Solar Power

Solar power harnesses energy from the sun using photovoltaic (PV) cells, converting sunlight into electricity. With the UK experiencing over 1,600 hours of sunshine annually, solar panels can be a viable energy source, even in cloudy conditions.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Streamlining Solar Success: Comprehensive Guide to Solar Installation for Effortless Installation

Embarking on a journey towards solar panel installation can be a significant decision for UK homeowners and businesses alike.

At LJM, we understand the importance of ensuring a seamless and stress-free process for our clients. That’s why we’ve crafted a comprehensive 7-point checklist. It’s our comprehensive guide to solar panel installation, meticulously designed to guarantee peace of mind every step of the way.

From initial consultation to final inspection, our solar installation comprehensive guide covers all essential aspects, including site assessment, system design, installation, and maintenance planning. With LJM’s expertise and dedication to excellence, you can trust in a solar solution that not only maximises energy efficiency but also delivers lasting satisfaction.

So, here’s our comprehensive guide to solar installation for you….

Step 1: Solar Solutions: Evaluate Your Energy Needs

Before diving into solar panel installation, it’s crucial to understand your energy consumption patterns. So, start by reviewing your electricity bills to determine your average energy usage over the past year. This analysis will help you ascertain the size and capacity of the solar panel system required to meet your energy needs.

If you are unsure how to do it, LJM can do it for you and present you both the financial and environmental savings.

Step 2: Find a Reputable, MCS Accredited Solar Installer

Choosing the right solar installer is paramount to the success of your solar panel installation.

So, look for companies that are Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited, indicating their competency in delivering solar solutions for residential and commercial projects.

LJM Solutions is MCS certified for solar panel installation and battery storage. We cover the whole of Great Britain and stands as a reliable partner for your solar installation needs.

All our teams are qualified, with certification, in their respective positions. We prioritise Health & Safety and all our installers have qualifications in Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Fire Security, and Asbestos Awareness. Equally important, we carry valid Public, Professional, Product and Employers Liability insurances and a waste licence.

Furthermore, LJM is Trustmark and QualityMark certified for your peace of mind. As additional assurance, all LJM staff have had a DBS check, meaning none have a criminal record.

Want to know more about us and our journey? Read our blog LJM Solutions’ Journey in the Solar Revolution

Step 3: Schedule a Solar Assessment

A critical step in the solar installation process is scheduling a solar assessment. During this assessment, a solar expert will visit your property to evaluate its suitability for solar panel installation.

Factors such as roof orientation, shading, and structural integrity will be assessed to design a bespoke solar system tailored to your property and energy requirements.

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Put our Comprehensive Guide to Solar Installation into Practice

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Step 4: Explore Incentives and Buying Options

In the UK, numerous incentives and grants are available to encourage solar adoption. Local authorities may offer grants or incentives for solar panel installation, while businesses can benefit from options like Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and tax relief schemes.

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Researching available incentives and financing options will help make your solar investment more affordable.

If you’re a homeowner or business seeking investment financing for solar panels or exploring options to sell excess energy back to the grid then let LJM Solutions Ltd be your trusted guide. We have partnered with specialists in advising clients about the best solar financing and grid interaction options available in a complex and ever-changing market.

so, give Chloe a call today on 0115 7720456 to schedule a consultation and our experts will provide personalised advice tailored to your needs. With LJM by your side, you can navigate the path to solar success with confidence.

Step 5: Consider the Complete Solar System

Beyond solar panels, consider integrating additional components into your solar system.

Battery storage allows you to store excess energy generated during the day for use at night, enhancing energy independence.

Increase your energy capacity, solar panel installation with batteries - LJM Solutions

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging point complements your green lifestyle, while bird netting protects panels and wildlife.

Discuss these options with us today to optimise your solar setup.

Step 6: Obtain Necessary Permits and Approvals

Don’t let the thoughts of permits and approvals put you off as in many cases nothing is needed. However, do bear in mind that depending on your location and system specifications, you may need permits or approvals before commencing installation.

At LJM we will talk you through this and in most cases handle the permit application process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes.

Step 7: Schedule Installation and Sign Agreement

With all preparations complete, it’s time to schedule the installation of your solar panel system.

During installation, professionals will coordinate scaffolding, mount panels, and connect them to your electrical system. Rigorous inspections ensure that your system operates efficiently and safely.

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Finally, be assured that LJM Solutions will will provide comprehensive guidance on system operation and maintenance, empowering you to monitor performance and maximise energy savings.

Navigating Solar Success for a Sustainable Future

Embarking on a solar panel installation journey can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it’s a rewarding investment for both your home and business. By following these essential steps, you can unlock the potential of solar power and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

LJM Solutions is committed to being your trusted MCS accredited installer and guiding you through every step of the solar installation process.

For enquiries and assistance, reach out to us at 0115 7720 456 and Chloe will support you, or email

Let’s harness the power of the sun together.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


As Managing Director of LJM Solutions, Lee Lindley is on a mission to revolutionise energy production
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